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Strategy and Conception

Businesses are complex entities with fixed structures. The task of a consulting company is to derive, in close cooperation with the management, processes for optimization that lead to savings in time and costs. A solid basis for this is a successful product and sales strategy, meeting the demands of the market and its future development.

Product Portfolio

Analysis of product and service portfolios

Deriving strategic adjustment processes

New conceptions/structures

Customer-related adjustments to product policy and marketing

Strategic Realignment and Vision

Analysis of socio-demographic data, e.g. client behaviour patterns

Prognosis on market developments

Consulting on shipbuilding/development of future projections

Commitment to project responsibility via the takeover of temporary
interim management tasks > more

Conception, Organisation and Realisation of Events

Conceptual design of theme tours and theme cruises

Preparation and organisation of conferences (also aboard cruise ships)

Organisation and realisation of incentive events

Intermediary brokering/arrangement of group business and key-account sales

Outsourcing solutions > more

Project responsibility through temporary interim management > more

Sales Strategies

Analysis of sales channels

Deriving strategic adjustment processes and solutions

Conceptual design of sales-mix structures and sales tools

Implementing new sales connections to sales networks and key accounts

Project responsibility through temporary interim management > more

Media Management

Practical arrangements and coordination of a suitable media mix
and communication channels

Consistent realisation of public relations

Proposals for an optimized PR strategy

Outsourcing solutions > more

Project conduct responsibility through temporary interim management > more

Change Management

Strategic planning, organisation and supervision of project

Supervision of adjustment processes

Safeguarding of internal and external communications with respect to adjustments

Build-up and heading of change management teams by involvement
of relevant pressure groups and lobbies

Consistent realisation of the agreed targeted adjustments, with priority
given to clients’ expectations and market demands


Consultation/negotiation/drafting of charter and guarantee agreements

Quality control and control of contract execution/fulfillment

Furnishing of expertises/acting as amicus curiae/surveying

Consultation/negotiation/development of agency contracts