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Interim Management

Crisis situations and staff shortages require immediate and rapid action. Expertise gathered over years of professional experience is also of the essence, as panic reactions, deferred responses or inconsistent enforcement of solutions cannot remedy the situation. Similar problems can arise with strategically important projects that are neglected in the day-to-day running of a business although they are of utmost importance for the enterprise in the longer term. A professional interim management is the solution to overcoming such crisis situations and personnel bottle-necks.


Taking over temporary management tasks to enable strategic realignments

Conceptual consulting and collaboration for future projects, e.g. shipbuilding

Bridging of personnel bottle-necks in management

Coordination/heading of internal task-force teams

Product and Operations

Taking over temporary product management tasks

Realisation of targets in team-oriented project management

Conception, realisation and responsibility for conducting events, e.g. theme tours

Taking over responsibility for media management tasks


Temporary management of marketing and sales projects

Conception and realisation of adjustments to corporate identity
and market appearance, e.g. brochures, sales tools, etc.

Project Management

Project organisation and management

Taking over responsibility for project realisation

Compiling and heading of project teams

Project coordination and control

Crisis Management

Development of a crisis management concept/crisis planning

Organisation and integrative leadership of an intervention team

Launching of immediate steps in order to avoid further escalation
and turn-around management

Coordination of internal/external crisis communication and crisis PR

Development of crisis scenarios and studies for preparation of immediate
and comprehensive solutions in the event of a crisis


Coaching of executive managers for advanced training and to improve efficiency

Conflict solutions in personnel

Accompanying of/consulting during incorporation and initial skill-adaption training