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Product and sales are closely interlinked. What trends must be followed? How should competition be met? How should the cost structure of the sales mix be optimised? Current sales structures and potentially feasible improvements give the answers to these questions.

Sales Structures

Analysis of existing sales structures and sales channels

Deriving improvement solutions for optimised sales organisation

Proposals for alternative and additional sales options

Optimising of sales tools and sales control techniques

Adjustment and improvement of key-account management

Development of commission models

Proposals for market-driven client segmentation

Sales Support

Active sales support through available and established sales contacts

Initiating of new key-account business

Consulting in all questions of relevant sales and marketing policy

Development/proposals for adjustment of market-driven sales and suitable sales tools

Taking over of general sales agent functions (GSA)

Training of the stationary sales network and travel agents

Development/proposals for a successful yield management

Arrangement of local and regional sales activities/group business

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Market Appearance/Corporate Identity

Consulting regarding sales brochures and brochure production

Proposals for optimising a client- and sales-driven corporate identity

Proposals for sales tools and support of sales partners

Conception of an integrated marketing appearance in the market

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